Opportunity DocMorris

Rarely has a year presented the global community with such difficult challenges as the one just passed. The pandemic, climate change and digitalisation are all calling for changes in politics, business, society and culture. But at the same time, the combination of cumulative epoch-making events and issues also offers us a historically unique opportunity to reconsider the way we live and do business together in our free and democratic society. We have a chance to strive for a greater degree of social maturity and create a solid basis for the wellbeing of people and the environment. We are all under an obligation to ensure that our welfare and healthcare systems are made more robust for ourselves and coming generations. The current situation is also a reminder that we cannot just aim for greater prosperity and bigger profits, on the assumption that maximising these indicators automatically benefits society.

For sure, every crisis turns out to be an opportunity to approach the future differently. The need to do so is particularly urgent when the situation is scarcely improving or even growing more acute. If the weight of suffering threatens to become too great, it becomes conceivable to imagine a shift from a gentle change to a radical break in the way we are used to living.

Zur Rose is absolutely determined to approach the future differently and laid the right foundations at an early stage. The technological skills built up over years can now be put to use – they mean the Group is predestined for strategic partnerships with other healthcare providers all over Europe. Thanks to the healthcare ecosystem set up two years ago, Zur Rose is now in a position to take account of the latest patient and consumer needs. The system is ushering in a new era in healthcare provision and will operate under the DocMorris umbrella brand. Europe’s largest e-commerce pharmacy is stepping away from being a pure mail-order pharmacy to become a digital healthcare services provider and intends to further expand its role as a driver of innovation.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, insurers and other qualified partners are linked together on the digital platform, which operates as a partnership. Processes in the healthcare industry are getting quicker and becoming transparent for all involved.

Zur Rose laid the right foundations at an early stage.

Zur Rose is thus attaining its vision of creating a world where all healthcare issues can be sorted at the click of a mouse. From the consultation, analysis or diagnosis with an online doctor, through the electronic prescription all the way to the medication, healthcare product or personal telemedical service, the same rule applies: the focus is always on people’s wellbeing. The ecosystem provides the technological backbone for networking products and digital solutions. Patients and consumers have immediate and convenient access to high-quality healthcare offerings and seamless support on their path to recovery. The combination of technical expertise and partners enables people to manage their own health and improve their quality of life.

Not only is DocMorris blazing a strategic trail; as a symbol of the new departure and a parable for the unprecedented process of transformation towards a customer-focused future, DocMorris is adopting a new and empathetic brand image. For more details, see the next two pages.

The new visual appearance of DocMorris builds on the symbolism of what was previously used and alludes to the strategic focus. The new branding represents the change of paradigm from a pure mail-order pharmacy towards a digital healthcare services provider and the associated empowerment of patients and consumers. What has been created is a brand with a strong ethos and an identity that generates trust without losing the core of the essence that has made it what it is today. It is based on fundamental values that distinguish it from every other brand on the market.

The new logo takes the form of a combination of a rose and a heart, the symbol for people and their health. It replaces the previous pharmacy cross. The heart unfolds from the inside outwards. The point in the middle represents the focus on people. All products and services are meant to support them in leading a healthier life. The curving segments that form the heart express the dynamism and range of the brand. The pharmacy remains foundational and supports the DocMorris brand even more closely with the green colouring in the heart and the light green lettering.