Digitalisation is transforming our society and our economy. People are learning about health issues online, and the more health literacy they acquire, the more actively they accept responsibility for aiding their own recovery. However, over 1.3 million (source: Statista) available health apps and almost limitless, unverified health advice from Dr Google presents users with an impossible task.

Aware of this fact, Zur Rose began to lay the groundwork as a healthcare provider at an early stage. Today, it has the most important elements for establishing a health ecosystem: six million satisfied customers, a unique network of relevant stakeholders in the healthcare sector, both analogue and digital, as well as pioneering e-health technologies such as those by Promofarma 1.

Ecosystems are nothing new. Doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, insurers and local authorities have always worked in a sector based on partnership. However, today's ecosystems are permeated and data-driven by digitalisation, a fundamental departure from previous practice. The processes are faster than ever and visible to all involved.

The well-being of the patient is the focal point of the ecosystem. The more quality-certified partners are involved in the ecosystem, the better and cheaper healthcare services can be jointly provided. Doctors, experts, big data and artificial intelligence specialists are pooling their knowledge on one platform to find the best therapeutic options for patients. Patient information can be shared and used, service quality increased and costs reduced.

A comprehensive, integrated health platform, the Zur Rose ecosystem, will emerge under the auspices of Zur Rose. Together with partners who are ready and willing to help shape a shared future. Not sheer size and market power will be our motivation, but an improved and more cost-effective, customer-centred healthcare system.

1)PromoFarma is a technology company focused on the healthcare market and based in Barcelona. It developed the leading marketplace platform in Southern Europe for beauty and personal care products. PromoFarma was acquired by the Zur Rose Group in 2018.