Segment EuropeBusiness performance

In its two leading marketplaces in Southern Europe – Spain and France – the Zur Rose Group recorded continuous pleasing growth in 2021. Sales revenue increased by 22.3 per cent to EUR 75.8 million, reflecting the enormous online potential of the little-regulated segment of over-the-counter, standard pharmacy health and care products. The total ­market in Europe amounts to around EUR 100 billion.

Marketplaces in Spain and France adopt DocMorris brand identity

PromoFarma, the leading brand for online pharmacy marketplaces in Spain, and DoctiPharma, the second largest online pharmacy platform in France, were linked to the brand identity of DocMorris, the umbrella brand for the European healthcare ecosystem, in February 2021. The lettering “by DocMorris” forms the brand essence and shows that both marketplaces belong to the healthcare ecosystem. The company focused even more closely on the almost 1.2 million active customers and caring for their health. People all over Europe will thus be enabled to manage their health in one click – quickly, easily and securely – while experiencing seamless 360-degree care tailored to them. As a next step for the new brand architecture, DoctiPharma was renamed DocMorris in November 2021. The number of partner pharmacies of both marketplaces increased by 5 per cent to over 1,300 in 2021 and the number of products increased by 16 per cent to 235,000. The app has already had over one million downloads in the popular app stores.

Expansion of the product portfolio in France

In November 2021, the Zur Rose Group expanded its product range on the marketplace by adding non-prescription (OTC) drugs through a strategic partner. This provides customers in France with easy and secure access to a wide range of healthcare products and pharmaceutical advice that goes beyond the over-the-counter pharmacy products from the areas of healthcare, cosmetics and personal care included so far.

Continuous expansion of the Zur Rose Group as a technology provider

The team around CTO Madhu Nutakki, who joined the company in August 2021, is focusing on the further expansion of the Zur Rose Group’s three technology hubs in Barcelona, Winterthur and Berlin. The more than 200 software engineers, data scientists, UX designers and product managers from over 20 nations working in Spain took leading roles in the development of the Swiss platform-as-a-service (PaaS) application Well. The joint venture, which connects the stakeholders of the Swiss healthcare industry on a single platform, had its soft launch in August 2021. The development of the Zur Rose Group’s European healthcare ecosystem also remains on the agenda. Through comprehensive journeys, patients – especially those living with chronic conditions – will be enabled to manage their own health in just one click. To achieve these goals, the employees in Spain collaborate with the other hubs across the different locations. This enables the pooling of individual expertise, while at the same time taking into account product-oriented specialisations.